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Friday, 13 April 2007



This is great! Thanks for posting it. Will there be more information about creating add-ins coming out at a later date?

I think I followed your instructions pretty closely...when I try to add the add-in I get a DW message that states: "The specified plug-in library did not contain any registerable plug-ins" What is DW looking for to determine if the plug-in is registerable?

Philip Stears

Sorry Jeff, I completely missed your comment - did you get your problems getting the plug-in registered sorted?

Matthew J Cempa

Thanks for the example, Working thru the document you posted I've notices a few things that seem to be a problem.

1. the code in the initialize method appears to cause a problem.
mSpecService = mApplication.Engine(Of ISpecificationService)() ...produces an error complaining that Iapplication.Engine does not take any arguments

2. No where did you add the definition for mApplication (or mInfo) I see them later on in another code snipit. Nor did you assign them values and I couldn't find a code snipit anywhere that showed the assignments. If I was to guess I'd suspected that you set mApplication = Application in the Initialize sub

If you could post the two class .vb files that would be helpful (or include the entire project in the zip file)

Philip Stears

Hi Matt,

1. The code in the tutorial for the initialize method is:

mSpecService = mApplication.GetService(Of ISpecificationService)()

Engine is a property on the IApplication interface which is why Visual Studio is complaining.

2. mApplication should have been application, I had originally started the article by storing the application and info parameters in member variables but then simplified it so I could focus on the content, unfortuantely I seem not to have updated all the code samples.

I'll get a revised version of the tutorial complete with code ready this weekend and reblog it here.


Thanks for the feedback :-)

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